A La Carte dishes served with Basmati Rice.

*Beef Curry


Traditional beef curry cooked in curry sauce ginger, garlic and spices, dressed with coriander leaves.

Beef Vindaloo


Beef cooked with potato in a tangy sharp sauce with vinegar and spices.

Beef Jalfrazi


Beef cooked with ground spices, sauteed with tomatoes, onion, and green pepper.

Beef Coconut


Tender pieces of beef simmered with grated coconut in spicy sauce.

*Bhuna Ghost Beef


Beef cooked with fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, ground onions, ginger, garlic, yogurt and Indian spices.

Beef Tikka Saagwala


Pieces of beef marinated in spices and cooked with spinach and ginger.

*Beef Royal Korma


Juicy loyal cubes of beef cooked in a creamy sauce, mixed with nuts and cashews, sprinkled with cilantro.

*Beef Tikka Masala


Tandoori cubes of beef cooked in rich creamy masala sauce.

Beef Rogan Josh


Boneless lamb cooked in chef's special sauce.

Beef Dalwala


Tender lamb pieces cooked with mix lentils and Indian spices.

None of our dishes are spicy, we can build spicy according to your taste.
*House Favorite